White Cliffs Underground Motel

The White Cliffs Underground Motel is in the outback opal-mining town of White Cliffs, where opals were first discovered in 1884. You’ll experience living underground in a complex the size of a football field. Thirty rooms are built underground.

The rooms are called dugouts, where you sleep nestled in the hill, in a comfortable and constant temperature insulated from outside. Two rooms are above ground. Rooms can accommodate one to five people, with adjoining rooms for large groups or families.

White Cliffs is 12 hours’ drive from Sydney, You can also get a train from Sydney to Dubbo and then a bus to Wilcannia, where motel staff can meet you. There are flights from Sydney to Broken Hill, where you rent a car and drive to White Cliffs. Tours also depart Broken Hill for White Cliffs.