Travel Alerts


As at December 19 2020

The Australian Government is monitoring the spread of COVID-19 (Coronavirus) and restrictions are currently in place regarding travel and public gatherings.

For the latest information about restrictions in NSW, please visit the NSW Health Twitter account. You can also refer to the NSW Government COVID-19 website.

Domestic Travel

NSW Health has issued a public health alert requesting people in Greater Sydney limit non-essential activity until midnight on Wednesday 23 December. Residents and visitors are asked to limit travel to and from the Northern Beaches Local Government Area (LGA), and anyone staying in the LGA is asked to limit activity to seeking medical advice, exercise and essential activities only until midnight Wednesday 23 December. Read the full alert: NSW Gov Health Alerts.

Conditions are changing, and each state or territory has its own entry requirements and travel restrictions for residents and travellers from NSW. Read more about travelling to and from NSW here.  

NSW residents and visitors from other Australian states can move throughout NSW (including Lord Howe Island) for a holiday and work but must continue to follow the health advice including that regarding limiting movement in particular areas, physical distancing, hygiene and public gatherings.

Holidaymakers should call their planned accommodation venues, attractions and tourism operators to ensure they will be open and confirm bookings before travelling.

Visitors and businesses must follow the latest health advice in terms of physical distancing, practicing good hygiene, and staying home if feeling unwell.


What can I do in NSW?

The following is permitted in NSW:

  • travel to regional NSW for a holiday
  • visits to museums, galleries and libraries
  • pubs, clubs, cafes and restaurants are open but must observe Public Health Orders regarding capacity and group bookings 
  • attending an outdoor event such as a festival or music performance, provided it complies with current regulations
  • most caravan and camping parks are open
  • some NSW National Parks are open

A full list of current restrictions and the latest health advice is available at

If you break any of the rules in NSW you may receive a fine or penalty.


International Travel

At this time, only Australian citizens, residents and immediate family members are permitted to travel to Australia. All travellers arriving in Australia must self-isolate in a designated facility (such as a hotel) for 14 days in their port of arrival. See Australian Border Force for more information.

An international travel ban is in place for all Australian citizens and permanent residents with few exceptions.


Health and Hygiene

For information on how to protect yourself and others against COVID-19, please follow Australian Health and NSW Health expert advice.

NSW Health recommends wearing a mask in indoor settings where physical distancing is hard to maintain, such as on public transport or in supermarkets.

Good hygiene and physical distancing recommendations include:

  • Washing your hands regularly and thoroughly with soap and water, or an alcohol-based hand rub
  • Covering your coughs and sneezes with a tissue or your elbow
  • Staying home if you are sick
  • Practicing physical distancing by standing two arm lengths apart (1.5m) at all times